IRAQI WOMAN’S LEAGUE.. Humanitarian Appeal
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الأحد 10-11-2019

To: Iraqi communities all over the world.

To: United Nations and all its offices and bodies.

To: The European Union.

To: Amnesty International.

To: International Women’s Democrat Union.

To: Arab Regional Center.

Humanitarian Appeal

Greetings from rebellious Iraq against the oppression,

It’s been over a month for the demonstrations start on Oct 1st, 2019 under the hashtag #coming down- to take my right. Demonstrations have been met by the tear gas and real bullets firing since their first start moment in all the protest fields in Baghdad and all the central and southern governorates, as an attempt to crackdown on demonstrations, intimidate the demonstrators and raise terror to ensure stopping demonstrations. Demonstrations led to hundreds of martyrs, thousands of wounded people as well as hundreds of detainees and activists in enforced disappearance. Demonstrations returned back on Oct 25th, 2019 in spite of the brutal suppression and they are suppressed by the fractions of the armed security forces that are loyal to the powers of tyranny and corruption in the government, the government who got and still getting innocent bloods on its hands. Unfortunately, concerned authorities (Parliament, Government, and Judiciary) have done nothing and the international community is still appeaser and underestimates the demonstrators’ demands.

Honorable Iraqis, wherever you are, we invite you to far-reach solidarity with the Iraqi demonstrations which demand the dissolution of the corrupt system, and the abhorrent quota system, because of the corruption politicians who are continuing their persistent in suppressing the angry public demonstrations and dealing with them in excessive brutality contrary to the international human rights standards and the freedom of speech which is guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution. For the peaceful demonstrations which the government officials are betting on distorting and offending them, you are demanded to support demonstrations inside Iraq, continue exposing the oppressive practices in front of the public opinion and the international community and carry our free rebellious voices to the embassies, the United Nations bodies, and the European Union’s offices.

No life without homeland and dignity.




نقوم بارسال نشرة بريدية اخبارية اسبوعية الى بريدكم الالكتروني ، يسرنا اشتراككم بالنشرة البريدية المنوعة. سوف تطلعون على احدث المستجدات في الموقع ولن يفوتكم أي شيئ

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